Misuse of bins

The bins on the street are aimed at those people who need a place to get rid of a wrapper or a can or general ‘street’ rubbish. Increasingly though we are finding them being used for household rubbish. The photos show one bin in town, near the old Ulster Bank that was filled up sometime on the night of the 30th December last, jammed to the gills with household rubbish. This is a deliberate act. and meant to one of our volunteers had to empty this bin so it could be used for its intended purpose. We can only assume the person or person who did this refuses to pay for their own bins and, if these bins were not available, they would happily dump their rubbish in a ditch or by the road.

Edgeworthstown “Walks” project.

Edgeworthstown Tidy Towns “Walks” project. Agreement has been reached between Longford County Council and HSE to proceed with the development of the “Walks” . The project will greatly enhance the existing walkway. The plan is to raise the level of the pathway by over two metres and widen the path to include a footpath and cycle track. Making the overall with of 4 Metres . New lighting will installed and trees will be remove. Credit for getting the project over the line goes to Paul Newell LCC, Paul Ross, and John Cahill ETT whose proposal for a Greenway, incorporating the Walks , impressed the LCC and HSE. Congratulations to the Tidy Towns who proposed and pushed this project.

Xmas Decorating 2019

Today, 7th December we put up our crib, decorated some street furniture and put up some lights. Thanks to Barry Stakelum and Mick McCormack for their help with the crib.

Video of the lights here – https://youtu.be/j6pUIFDHj80

Xmas Lights 2019

Congratulations to our own Beatrice Patterson who was selected to turn on the Christmas Lights in Edgeworthstown this year. Congratulations also to Edgeworthstown Mostrim Traders and all involved in making this such a memorable event. Congratulations to Quinn’s Supply Stores for their beautiful window display, a scene from ‘A Christmas Carol’.


Wreath Laying Ceremony 2019

Sunday 10th November we held a wreath laying ceremony at the World War I memorial. We’d like to thank John Cahill, Tom Dooley, Dessie Rynn and Matt Farrell for their help with the organising of this ceremony and Marie Mallon for laying the wreath.

The hostilities of the First World War ceased on November 11, 1918, at 11:00 a.m. –  the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The following year saw the first observance of a day to remember and honour those who died, including twenty seven men from this parish who are commemorated here and to give thanks for the sacrifices of those who came back from the war.  Since then, Irish men have fought in other conflicts and also served and are serving with the United Nations peacekeepers and many have given their lives so that we might enjoy freedom today. They too should be remembered.

They were young, as we are young,
They served, giving freely of themselves.
To them, we pledge, amid the winds of time,
To carry their torch and never forget.
We will remember them.

Person of the Year Awards

Friday 11th of October we traveled to the Longford Arms to support Beatrice Patterson in the Longford Person of the Year awards. While Beatrice did not get chosen as overall winner we are proud that she was nominated and was a worthy nominee. Beatrice also has been 40 years employed with C&D which the company marked at an event on Friday morning so lots of celebrations in the Patterson house this weekend. It is a mark of her dedication that she was out bright and early this morning sweeping the streets and emptying bins. Congratulations Beatrice, all the nominees and overall winners Mullinaghta GFC.


Tidy Towns Results 2019

Results are out for 2019 and we increased our marks by 7 points from last year. Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters for their help to achieve this result. We hope the new street works and library will boost our marks next year. Full results and report can be found here
Image below has a summary of our results, compared to 2018