Various Projects

We have had some various projects going on over the past few weeks – cleanup around the mart, hanging baskets being put up, tidy up of planted area on the Castlepollard road and plants at the Maria Edgeworth statue. A big thank you to all who contributed flowers and work to the hanging baskets and all our volunteers.


Dublin Road – Planted area

We recently gave a revamp and update to a planted area on the Dublin Road that needed freshening up – we had some great help out for the couple of days it took but it’s looking well and as the year goes on we hope it will start to look even better. Photos by John McGerr and John Cahill.

Planted area work

Over the past couple of weeks we have done some work in Lisnageeragh to tidy up three planted areas that had gotten overgrown and untidy – we dug away all the weeds, put down new weed barrier and pruned back the pampas grass. We also covered all with stone. We have some finish up work to do but it looks much better now.

Spring Clean 2017

A big thank you to all who came out to help today(and earlier in the week) with our Annual Spring Clean. As usual we found tonnes of stuff on the highways and byways. A word of thanks too to Gary Brady and Longford County Council for supplying pickers, bags and gloves. Ciaran Callaghan supplied the skip, which we managed to pack full.

Chewing Gum

For those of you who like to chew gum – here’s some interesting statistics:

Gum. Click image to expand.

” Worldwide, humans chew about 560,000 tons of gum each year. To put that into perspective, Americans threw away 30 million tons of plastic in 2009, about 28 million tons of which wound up in landfills. If you want to make a rubber-to-rubber comparison, American toss out 290 million car tires every year, weighing in at over 3 million tons. Recycling is common, though: Only one-tenth of those tires are buried in landfills each year.”

This is taken from a longer article to be found here



After several months of fruitless discussions we have decided to start a petition to have the Street Cleaner or Environmental Operator put back onto the streets of Edgeworthstown. We are not happy with the level of service we have been getting under the new arrangements – the two bins we do have (we were promised eight)are emptied at irregular intervals, the streets are not swept, weeding and spraying not done and too much is being put back onto the local people and Tidy Towns. We had a person there before who helped keep things looking well and we want that person back. It’s no longer acceptable to us. Please support our efforts by signing the petition. Thank you.



Illegal Dumping

It is not uncommon these days to find country lanes,. ditches and fields full of rubbish, left through careless action (throwing the coffee cup, drinks can, burger box out of a car as you pass) or through deliberate intention (driving to a spot with a bag or bags of rubbish and leaving it in a ditch). Those responsible see no issue with this and only seem to get bothered when they are caught (as happened in Dublin where the council posted their photos on a wall (Irish Times). This led to an instant clean up of the locality but one can’t help feeling they will just move onto a new spot.

Longford recently had some publicized instances of such dumping – the first was next to one of the more famous tourist attractions in the County – Corlea Trackway. This week this attraction has been named one of the top ten attractions in the Midlands but a few days earlier the Leader reported on the illegal dumping that was an eyesore. This week it was our own turn with an article on illegal dumping near our town.

Is there an answer to this? Cameras might help but you can’t monitor every lane and highway in the country. Including the bin charges in the property tax might encourage people to put their rubbish in bins as they’d have to pay for this anyway. A scheme is being talked about that gets people on probation to work on community schemes was trialled in Dublin with some success. Maybe a combination of all three might help.

Maybe we could just not do it?