Ireland second worst….

It seems we have a long way to go




Work Day 16th June

Some photos from the work carried out today , a couple of areas revisited and a new planter in Church Street.

Plastic roads

New work being done in the Netherlands using recycled plastic to make roads – first trials with bike paths have been quite successful

SuperValu Planter

Micro-plastics solution?

This teenager seems to have come up with a viable way of removing micro-plastics from the ocean.



Repainting railings at the top of Pound Street, nice bright red. Brightens this area up, some more plants to be added soon.

Hoarding on Pound Street

Revamp and repair of the hoarding on Pound Street as well as repainting of flower holder and planting of new flowers. This hoarding was in a bad wy and looked quite dirty, looks much better now!