Various Projects

We have had some various projects going on over the past few weeks – cleanup around the mart, hanging baskets being put up, tidy up of planted area on the Castlepollard road and plants at the Maria Edgeworth statue. A big thank you to all who contributed flowers and work to the hanging baskets and all our volunteers.


Breakfast Morning Presentation

On Friday 26th Edgeworthstown Traders and Tidy Towns members met up for the presentaion of a cheque for money raised from the Breakfast Morning and to thank all those who helped out with fundraising, cooking, serving and cleaning on the day. Thanks to Gerry Lynn and the Sportsmans Inn for hosting the occasion

Breakfast Morning 2017

So the last plate is washed and our Big Breakfast Morning is over for another year.
Firstly we wish to thank all the people who bought tickets and came this morning. It was great to see all the support from the community and we hope you all enjoyed the day.
Secondly we wish to thank all our suppliers:
Rawle’s Meat Market
Gilchrist Frozen Foods
Pat The Baker c/o Thomas Stakem
Enda Murphy Milk Agent
Floods Eggs
O’Halleran Eggs
Quinns Supply Stores
The Park House Hotel
The Green
St. Mary’s Childcare Campus
McCarricks Cash and Carry
Longford Credit Union
The Community Centre
Without you the day wouldn’t be possible.
And finally the biggest thanks to our volunteers on this morning because the day couldn’t have happened without any of you:
Our Chefs: Judy Kenny, Paula Hussey, Majella Mc Cauley and Ann Doyle.
Our Servers: Mary Doherty, Emma Belton, Laura Doyle, Majella Gogan, Emma Greene, Esther Grehan, Seamus Gilchriest and Kathleen McGrath, Martin Gilchrist, Tom Victory, Paddy Gogan and Harry Reynolds.
Our backroom team: Beatrice Flood, Michelle Ruske, Mary Greene, John McGerr, Eamon Cathy, Gerard Greene, Hugh Quinn, Gerry Lynn, Christopher Parker, Brigid Duffy, Mick Doyle, Tom Dooley, Thómas Victory, Maqbool, Muhammad and Jenny.
Also Mrs Donohoe and Maggie O’Hara for the loan of their cookers.
It was a fantastic day and the Traders Association and Tidy Towns would like to say a huge thank you to all involved.

Mostrim Munch 2017

Along with the Edgeworthstown Traders we are out selling tickets for the Mostrim Munch – our fundraising breakfast.
But we are also handing out forms from Longford Credit Union. For those that don’t know – the Edgeworthstown Credit Union is a branch of the Longford Credit union and as a result has limited services to offer. The purpose of the form is to judge people’s interest in having a fully functional office in town that offers all the services that a credit union can.
The alternative is to close the office altogether and move all the functions to Longford.
There has been a lot of angry comments about the closure of the bank and the people of the town had no say in that decision. You have a say on the Credit Union – fill up the forms and return them to John Farrells. At the very least you might win a hamper.


Planted area work

Over the past couple of weeks we have done some work in Lisnageeragh to tidy up three planted areas that had gotten overgrown and untidy – we dug away all the weeds, put down new weed barrier and pruned back the pampas grass. We also covered all with stone. We have some finish up work to do but it looks much better now.

Spring Clean 2017

A big thank you to all who came out to help today(and earlier in the week) with our Annual Spring Clean. As usual we found tonnes of stuff on the highways and byways. A word of thanks too to Gary Brady and Longford County Council for supplying pickers, bags and gloves. Ciaran Callaghan supplied the skip, which we managed to pack full.

Tidy Towns Meeting – 1st March

Tidy Towns Meeting

1st March 2017 8.00 p.m.

Attendance: Tom Dooley (Chairman), Kathleen McGrath, John McGerr, Brian Smith, Eileen Spillane, John Cahill (Secretary), Gerard Greene.

Apologies received from: Harry Reynolds (Treasurer), Beatrice Patterson, Tom Victory.

Chairman Tom Dooley:

Tom outlined to the meeting the costs involved with the maintenance of a total of nine planted areas (including weedkiller spraying/cutting back of overgrowth/planting conifers on the bypass).

He has met with Damien Gilchrist and showed him the areas in question. He is fully insured and V.A.T. registered. His quote for this year was considered competitive and Tom gave Damien the go ahead after consulting with H. Reynolds and J. Cahill.

Tom said that Beatrice had suggested laying weed barrier at Lisnageeragh Lane. Following a short discussion the meeting decided to go ahead.

Regarding the Spring Clean on Saturday March 11th Tom said that Eamonn Carty had organised some of his neighbours to do a cleanup in his area. Tom said that Callaghan’s will leave a skip by the school on Saturday morning and will collect it later that evening.

Tom said that Gary Brady, Longford County Council, Environment Section, confirmed a grant towards costs of the cleanup.

During a meeting of the Strategic Planning Group of Longford County Council, which he attended recently, the issue of replacing the railings at the traffic lights on Main Street was discussed. Firstly to replace the railings with heritage style railings is extremely expensive and is beyond the funding available from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. Secondly as the style of the new library is to be contemporary and the surroundings of the library and street furniture going with it will be contemporary it follows that the railings should also be of a contemporary style. Of the drawings Tom had from that meeting we indicated one in particular would be our preference.

A second decision needed from us is whether four trees to be placed at the junction of Main Street and the N55 (at the traffic lights) should be planted directly in the ground or in planters. The decision is ours at it is likely we will be ones to water the trees. We decided on planter pots and again from a selection of drawings we chose one in particular with the size to be determined by the widths of the footpaths.

The above work (railings/trees) is expected to be finished by the end of April.

A further decision regarded the replacement of the seat at Curio Corner. John McGerr will check with Matt Farrell re the matching of seat design (again we were presented with variety of drawings of seats i.e. park benches, to choose from) with the new heritage signs which are currently in storage and which will be erected shortly.

Brian Smith Brian spoke about meeting the people who are renting the chipper and explained that we wish to have the water feature (top of Pound Street) working again. As the electricity feed comes from their premises they would need to be re-imbursed. Having spoken with Hughie McLoughlin (electrician) his understanding is that annual electricity consumption would be very low in the region of €10 to €20 annually Tom Dooley said he would be in agreement provided that we had something in writing. Brian will talk to this man again and also with Hughie McLoughlin.

Brian spoke about the clock at Curio Corner and how it’s light is not working at the moment. He will speak with Padraig McLoughlin regarding having the clock lit again.

Brian spoke about the need for a pedestrian crossing in Church Street. He said there is constant danger of an accident and in particular of a child being knocked down at the junction of Church Street and Main Street/Pound Street. Children after school often go into Philip Quinns for sweets and afterwards run across the end of Church Street towards the Library. Tom Dooley will raise this at a future Strategic Planning Group meeting.

Eileen Spillane:

Eileen enquired of progress re T.J. Doyle’s memorial seat. Tom Dooley said he would bring it up again with Joe Doyle and the Strategic Planning Group.

The meeting concluded at 8.55p.m.