Tidy Towns Fun Run 2019

We held our annual Fun Run on Sunday 12th May. We’d like tot hank all those of all ages that came out to take part and those that helped out on the day. Congratulations also to our winners
1st Adult Female Maggie Smith 23:53
1st Adult Male Karl Grant 24:27
1st Junior Male Titouan Perron 28:35
1st Junior Female Lauren McKeon 26:50

Thank you all for your continued support


New Murals

On Saturday 11th of May – Heritage officer Mairead Ni Chongaile unveiled three new murals on Granard Road. These murals were commissioned by the Edgeworth Society and Edgeworthstown Tidy Towns made a financial contribution and assisted with the installation. They are a vibrant reminder of our town’s heritage and history and artist Phil Atkinson is to be commended for his great work.

Herb Garden

Tidy Towns with the help of Tony Gaffney are putting a herb garden in the Green, we hope people will make use of this and that it will not be abused. We’d like to compliment Tom Dooley on the fine surround he built for the garden.


Evolution in action

I came across some articles on the internet about how humans and their activities are affecting animal evolution. Animals are evolving to live in and survive in the world humans have created. Some of this is quite amazing.  Please note this post has links to external sites and I have no control over their content or availability.

Since a ban on killing mother bears with cubs came into force mother bears have started to stay with their cubs much longer, resulting in a better chance for the cubs to reach adulthood and the female bears to survive longer


Lizards in cites, when compared to their similar kinfolk in the countrysides are evolving stickier feet so that they can climb concrete and glass buildings


Swallows who have moved into cities were often ending up as roadkill but those numbers have begun to decline due to the birds evolving shorter wings which allows them more flexibility in flying.


Finally some moths have started to shun artificial light as they were being picked off by predators.


Gotta say nature is amazing. Even though species are dying as a result of human activity some are also adapting.


Spring Clean 2019 – report

Some of our volunteers getting rwady to Clean

Some of our volunteers getting ready to Clean


Today and over the past couple of days volunteers old and young collected rubbish from all over the Parish. We’d like to thank all of those who helped out in any way big or small, Ciaran Callaghan for supplying the skip, Gary Brady of Longford CoCo for supplying pickers, hi-viz vests and pickers. It would be great to say we found very little – we only filled half a skip last year – this year we filled a skip to overflowing. But thanks again for all the help today and this week. If you feel like volunteering during the year then get in touch.

Spring Clean 2019

It’s that time of year again – the Tidy Towns Annual Spring Clean takes place on Saturday 23rd March at 2 p.m. Anyone interested in helping out please meet at the hotel. People who wish to clean up their own roads, estates or streets are welcome to do so. Please contact Tom Dooley (087 2405387 to let him know as we can supply bags, gloves and pickers etc. We can also arrange for pickup to the skip. Every year this has been getting better so we hope to see plenty of people out on the day (or on other days if that suits- just let us know!!)


Poster Image_smallEdgeworthstown Tidy Towns Leaflet Spring 2019

Wildflower Planted Area

Today the group created a wildflower planted area around the statue of Maria Edgeworth – hopefully in the summer we will have a nice crop of multi-coloured wild flowers on display. Thanks to Margaret Hayden for supplying the seeds.