Walks Project Update

Tom Dooley and John Cahill of ETT met with the Senior Engineer for Longford County council  Paul Newell today 26th Feb, in relation to the work on the “Walks”. Work is progressing on schedule.  A large amount of filling was drawn in to raise the floor level of the footpath. The walks will soon be ready for the final hardtop surface. Five new street lamps will be erected along the walks replacing the two existing lamps. A cycle track two metres  wide will run along the footpath. The cycle track will be extended from the walks to the entrance to St Marys Campus .
ETT are currently working on a proposal to extend the walks creating a greenway which will run from the estates on the Bracklin road to join up with the walks on the Granard road . The greenway will have a footpath and a cycle track , which will offer a safe route for children getting to school from the Bracklin side of the town.

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