After several months of fruitless discussions we have decided to start a petition to have the Street Cleaner or Environmental Operator put back onto the streets of Edgeworthstown. We are not happy with the level of service we have been getting under the new arrangements – the two bins we do have (we were promised eight)are emptied at irregular intervals, the streets are not swept, weeding and spraying not done and too much is being put back onto the local people and Tidy Towns. We had a person there before who helped keep things looking well and we want that person back. It’s no longer acceptable to us. Please support our efforts by signing the petition. Thank you.




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  1. Both John and myself totally agree with these comments. When we had a full time worker from thecounty council on his own he kept the town and surrounding ares impeccable clean. Now we have three men coming on three days for a few hours and it is pathetic the efforts that are made. Our town now has lost so much because of this daft idea of the county council.PLUS IT IS COSTING THEM MORE MONEY having Three instead of ONE PERSON. The tidy towns team have more then enough to do to keep the town looking as best as they can and like I said in previous post it is the same few older people who are cleaning the town and surrounding enterance from various estates. Shame Shame Shame on the younger people of the town who do not help and the people who litter the town. NO CIVIC PRIDE IN WHERE THEY LIVE We hope you get everyone who lives in Edgewothstown to sign the petition to have our our man Nicholas back working full time and doing what he did in a very good way to keep our town clean. Please feel free to add our names to the petition.John Cahill & Margaret Hayden

    • Thanks for your comments Margaret/John. Unfortunately I cannot add your names to the petition you have to sign in yourselves.

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