Biodiversity Plan

Over the past few years the role of insects in the pollination of crops, especially bees, as well and general concerns about our environment has increased public attention on the subject of biodiversity. While many would think of exotic locations like the Amazon as prime examples of a biodiverse habitat the truth is that even small town locations like our own town has a range of plants and animals that contribute to our general welfare – “Biodiversity underpins the functioning of the ecosystems on which we depend for food and fresh water, health and recreation, and protection from natural disasters. Its loss also affects us culturally and spiritually. This may be more difficult to quantify, but is nonetheless integral to our well being”  Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

To get some idea of the diversity of our own location we approached local environmental consultant Noreen McLoughlin a few years ago to produce a report for us and this year she has updated that report. We’d like to thank her for her work and allowing us to publish the report here. It makes for some interesting reading. Click on the link below to read/download

Tidy Towns Biodiversity Report Plan

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