Ireland’s native wildlife is under threat, and gardens have become an essential habitat in the race to protect our declining biodiversity, i.e. the number and variety of different plants and animals that coexist in a given area. One option to try to help this is to create a biodiversity garden which Edgeworthstown Tidy Towns has done in a section of the Green. Biodiversity gardening involves planting a community of different kinds of plants that benefit both wildlife and people.

Not far from the town is a prime example of a bio-diverse habitat in Glen Lough (or Lake).  Glen Lough is designated by the National Parks and Wildlife Service as an SPA, an area of special protection.  Ireland is a special place for wild birds as we are at the end of major flyways of waterfowl migrating south for the winter from North America, Greenland, Iceland and the Arctic.  Glen Lough is noted as significant due to the internationally important numbers of whooper swans which flock to the area during winter time. This flock also uses nearby Lough Iron and a range of grassland feeding areas in the vicinity. Glen Lough is a unique and bio diverse habitat. There are many rare and interesting native plants and animals which inhabit the area and a number of lovely walks and pools for exploring. The site has a fine bird-hide affording excellent views over the lake and the area makes for an enjoyable and interesting visit for lovers of nature, outdoor enthusiasts as well as bird watchers.

We encourage people to visit these areas and consider starting a garden of your own, or altering your existing garden

Visit this website for some more information

Can you do just one thing? Creating biodiversity in your garden.


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