Every year Tidy Towns meets up at the start of a new year and reviews the year gone by and the year ahead. A series of small projects are drawn up with the primary aim of making our town look better and the secondary aim of possibly improving our marks in the competition compared to the previous year. And every year a lot of people contribute to the work that needs to be done, in small ways or big ways. And Edgeworthstown Tidy Town’s would like to to thank everyone who supports them in their efforts during the year.

Unfortunately there are some who only look forward to our activities as a source of mischief and petty theft. During the course of this year we would like to highlight that some of our plants and trees have been robbed, others were wilfully destroyed. It is sad to think that there is an individual or individuals living in our area or passing through our town that would do such a thing. We hope their gardens look lovely.

Despite this we’re determined to do our best to improve the town and try and improve our marks for the coming year. Again, a big thank you to all who support our efforts every year.

                                           Tidy Towns Committee

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