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More Rubbish

After the fun and craic of Friday night’s launch we were back to earth and harsh reality this morning with a major case of dumping in a country lane – one that is popular with the growing number of walkers in the town and which is part of our fun run course. I guess it’s what we signed up for but it can be kind of depressing too. The County Environmental officer found a name in the rubbish so we can hope that this leads to some sort of punitive measures but wonder if it’s a deterrent at all. Based on the name found the dumper had to drive a few miles to find a spot to unload his trash.


One Response

  1. Whoever is guilty of discarding their rubbish has no respect for where other people live or respect for the rest of the people living in the area or our town and county. No doubt they would not like it on their own doorsteps.Shame Shame Shame on them, I hope they get a hefty find and they should be made go out and remove all the rubbish along with doing several months clean up.
    It is the same along our road where we have to go out and clean up after the cars dumping from their cars along with the verges being destroyed by road users.
    I guess we will always have those who have NO CIVIC PRIDE in where they live or the rest of us.

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