AGM 2014

Attendance – T. Victory – Chair

T. Dooley               John Cahill

John McGerr            Patrick Gogan

H. Reynolds                  Monica Coyle

Dessie Rynne               Beatrice Patterson

Brian Smith            Philomena Donoghue

Chairman – welcomed all.

The Chairman on behalf of the Association expressed deep sympathy for the Cullen family on the tragic death of their daughter Lisa . The chairman led the group in a prayer for the family of the deceased.

Minutes of the meeting of 23/7/13 were then read out.

Chair – progress had been made in obtaining a vacant business premises to display paraphernalia of ETT and Knitting Club . The new tenant at Ginos had access to Supersams and contact would be made with him to gain access to Supersams which could be used for the purpose.

Planted area at Clover well which had been vandalised was now fenced off.

Alan Garvey at adult Learning will be working on Flower Beds at Shannon Park.

Problems’ with dogs in the Green. The instances of such were less frequent and would be kept under observation in the meantime.

Meeting informed that NO DOG ALLOWED signs at the Green were damaged and in poor state. Suggested that the should be replace with more permanent signs with a clear message.

Chair – Undertook to talk to Carmel Noone , Manager of the Town Development.

Treasurer – The treasurer put our record our gratitude to Mostrim Vintage Club for their generous donation to the association following their successful tractor run during the summer.

Grants secured from the erection of Mural on hoarding at Main St, will be returned to Town Development and Historical Society.

Meeting then discussed Fund Raising-

Chair Made proposal to run the 5k Race/Walk which was very successful last year again this year.

John Mc– GAA Lady Club planning similar event.

Monica informed meeting no date agreed to date.

Patrick Proposed advertising event on Run Ireland web site and extend event to 10k

Similar event in Ballymahon on behalf of Canoe Club was very successful.

Monica GAA Lady’s Club attracted 150 to a similar run in November.

Chair Proposed that we schedule the run for May of this year. Meeting agreed.

Chair – Church Gate Collection would go ahead again this year – Tom Dooley to apply for permit.

Dessie Proposed we produce a CD made up of performance by local people and groups

Dessie explained that the CDs could be produced by him at his studio with the help of John McCabe , Rathowen for minimal cost . The CDs could be sold by members and through retailers .

He also proposed a launch night for the CDs at the Park House Hotel.

John McGerr and Dessie Rynne agreed to work together on the CD.

The Launch night of Easter Saturday was proposed and agreed.

T. Dooley Informed meeting of changes to the rules for entrants to the National Tidy Towns.

Meeting agreed to engage Billy Flynn, environmentalist to prepare a 12 months plan for 2014- the cost will be €450.

Harry Recommended that we give proper analysis to the adjudicators report of 2013 before we target our efforts this year. He noted that good work was done last year and it did not get proper recognition.

Beatrice Suggested that we start earlier in the year as marking takes place in June and we only get into our stride in August.

Meeting agreed to start early after the 15th March.

Chair Presented invoices from Brendan Farrell landscaper for proposed work at Marian Ave , Total Cost of work €800 –

Meeting agreed that members would undertake some of the work themselves , including tree pruning at Marian Ave. This would halve the cost to the association.

Read out part of Email from LENREC Ltd , re opportunity for ETT to earn money from recycling clothes and computer equipment.

Meeting agreed not to accept the offer. John McGerr to contact Lenrec Ltd.

Chair Discussion on hanging basket. Clarity needed on whether or not Longford CC would cover the cost this year. Discussion on whether it was feasible to produce the plants for the baskets ourselves, using the facilities at the rear of the Old School House.

Meeting decided to have position clarified with Longford CC before we proceed.

Agreed reached to go ahead with hanging baskets again this year and decide the issue on where to get the plants when issues of cost were known.

Beatrice Suggested that planter tubs will need to be weed and replenished with fresh compost before they are planted this year. Planting should take place earlier as some varieties were sold out last year at the time we started to plant in.

Also proposed and agreed that flower bed at curio corner should be raised to enable planting of climbing roses.

Brian Raised the issue of Fountain display at Joe Rooneys. He informed the meeting that it was property of ETT and should be recovered and erected somewhere else.

Meeting was informed that the property was for sale and an auctioneer sign was displayed on the property.

Brian Smith to make contact with the Rooney family to arrange removal.

Chair Pointed out the continuing problem of street and road side littering.

CCTV camera signs at Lisnageeragh had limited the problem.

Patrick Pointed out that the littering had moved to other areas. And it was now extensive where he lives and at Lisard.

Chair Meeting adjourned and members agreed to meet again on 6th March to discuss the CD and launch night.

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