2013 Review

Created a video with a look back at activities in the parish in 2013 – at least all the ones I was there for! There is no sound so hope you enjoy.

2013 Review


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  1. Great record of a year’s activity of an Irish parish, John. You will be the Samuel Pepys of the town – future generations will be referring to your efforts to compare what their lives will be like compared with 2013. Small cavils that you might think of in the future. I know that a running ommentary as well would have been much more onerous that providing all these camera images, but I think the show could have done with a bit of music behind the images, and if I might be so bold could i suggest that instead of having a running commentary you might have a few clips of town’s people in conversation about the year. Yoices and opinions care just as interesting as pictures – especially what those voices will no longer be with us. I have been involved in oral history for half a lifetime and it would be very nice to hear what a small group of locals thought about 2013. Say you had five elderly – of maybe just very vocal citizens – taking about how they thought the year had gone, Introduce them with a visual to identify they and then let their voices run behind the photographs of the events. All you would have to so is prompt them to treat the events chronologically, with questions like how do you think that the Mostrim team did this year? Or ‘A lot of people got involved in the Tidy Town activity this year – do you think it had a big affect?’ Perhaps the questions might have been a bit more lively than these , but you know what i mean. That way you wouldn’t have to be responsible for the opinions, but I think it would make all this photographic effort even more interesting.; at least it would to me. I’d leave out the great variety of style ‘cuts’ and ‘fades, between images – i found them distracting, and kept wondering what the next one would be. Finally, I very much liked that comic book typeface you used to headline the events. What is that face called as i could use it for something I’m working one? Congratulations. I have a biggish exhibition here in the West End at the Barbara Stanley Gallery in the middle of March and am working furiously on it. I’ll keep you posted in case there is anyone from the town who might be in London round then.

    Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 22:31:22 +0000 To: bcanavan@hotmail.com

    • Thanks Bernard. Your ideas are great but I’m afraid I was kind of lazy and took the easy option. I did have music from my own collection but it was rejected as copyrighted so I had to re-do the whole thing without music. I thought about the commentary but wasn’t prepared to conjure up a script. As I said, the easy option:-(

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