This year as well as entering the Tidy Towns’ competition we were conscious of the fact that we had a Gathering event planned for July of this year, beginning on the 4th and running until the 7th. This was something we all have had a vested interest in as it is a good promotion for our small town, in relation to it’s history and culture. There have been a number of negative news items about our town over the past years and for a town of our size we are linked to a steady stream of drug raids, thefts and general hooliganism. Add in a depressing number of derelict sites it would make you think this is not a nice place to live. But we disagree with this and we think the Gathering is the showcase for the positive aspects of our hometown. We have four days of events scheduled and if you are a regular reader I’d like to extend an invitation to come visit. Even if you can’t make it for next weekend the invitation still holds. I hope to post photos on the Edgeworthstown website  The committee will have a fundraising stall in the Green on Saturday 6th. The images below show the schedule of events.

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