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One of the things that has come up in the evaluation of our town was the question of derelict sites. The proffered solution to us has been to contact the owners and ask them to do something. It’s not that simple as it turns out. The largest derelict site in our town is the site of the Mart. Stories abound as to who bought the Mart and closed it down, who was going to develop the site, who didn’t, who owns it now.  The County Council had to move it recently to make it safe because on windy days the sheets of metal were at risk of blowing off.  There are other places in town that we haven’t been able to track down owners for and some that we have but seem reluctant to get involved.  Over the past week we have been tackling one of these latter locations. A location that was fenced off had got damaged in a storm – locals had erected a new hoarding which we have painted. An empty building next to the hoarding was also painted. Our ultimate hope is to get the owners to cover the costs of the paints and materials.


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  1. Job well done guys. We here in Swinford Tidy Towns had similer problems with derelict sites and empty premises around the town. We contacted the owners and asked them to paint, some did most ignored us. We got onto the council and they sent out letters to the property owners, whatever they wrote in the letter it put the skids under them!! Nearly all properties are now painted. 1 property which is owned by the bank/nama we took upon ourselves and painted it late one evening!!

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