Nothing changes

We spent just over an hour on one short stretch of road on the borders of our parish and neighbouring one on Wednesday evening. Some of this area is forested. To me forested means there are trees planted. Apparently to others it means ‘dumping site’. Gateways and ditches were the obvious locations but for some it was too much bother to go as far as the ditch so they just abandoned all on the roadside. Mind you the grass and weeds greup to cover it so they could argue it was hard to see from a passing car. Given the lengths that some people go to avoid paying for their rubbish to be hauled away (I assume that’s the motive here) then I assume the same people would expect their water, roads and sewage to be free too. I can’t help but feel if these people had no sewage service they would just drive to someone elses gate and do their business there?

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