The Gathering 2013

Edgeworthstown Tidy Towns have joined up with other organisations in the town to organise a series of events for ‘The Gathering 2013‘ It’s a promotional, tourist and heritage effort that we hope will build a few lasting ties between ourselves and those who are of Edgeworthstown descent and now live away from the town. It will also put some permanent structures in place to enhance the town and make it more appealing to visitors. We have a rich history and literary ties to some of the greatest Irish writers and it’s something we should celebrate.

The events will take place between the 4th and 7th July 2013. There are a number of events planned in the town

4th July: Welcome Night, National and International Culture Programme, Music, Song and Dance

Venue: Mostrim Arms

5th July: Guided Tours and Exhibitions. Venue: Various

Golf outing. Venue: Longford Golf Club

Football Match Venue: Hugh Devine Park

An American Wake Venue: Park House Hotel

6th July: Field Day, Farmer’s Market and Entertainment Venue: Fair Green

Ballroom of Romance Dance Venue: Park House Hotel

7th July: Gathering Mass/Service

Cemetery Sunday Ceremony Venue: Aughafin Cemetery

Social Gathering Venue: Community Centre


We hope these vents will attract plenty of interest and visitors and that everyone will enjoy themselves.  It’s also hoped that those that can’t come during those days will be tempted into coming on some other date. As well as these dates there are a number of others planned throughout the county. You can find out more by checking out these links

Love Longford Summer Festival

Attend a Gathering

Longford Library

The Gathering FAQ – requires PDF reader

Longford National Heritage Week



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