Looking back…

…over the past year and planning for the next is the general aim of an organisations AGM and with Tidy Towns it is no different. Below is the report from this years AGM.

AGM 18/10/12 at 9pm – Old school House –

Chairman opened meeting – welcome everyone

Attendance – Tom Victory – Chairman Brian Smith Majella Coyle

Tom Dooley secretary Desmond Rynne Lorne Patterson

Harry Reynolds Treasurer Packy Brady Eileen Spillane

Patrick Gogan John Coyle Eamonn Carty

Beatrice Patterson John McGerr

Minutes of AGM 2011 were read – proposed by Tom Dooley seconded by Brian Smith and accepted.

Treasures Report – given by Harry Reynolds .

Election of Officer.

Current office holders were unanimously elected to outgoing positions.

Chairman – addressed the negative issues in secretary’s report –

Fire Station Door – this was still with the council who are preparing to address it.

Porter House – It was recommended to the meeting that we take on this as one of the Main projects . The building was protected under section 57 . Christy Parker (the owner) had carried out some work and he had offered to work with Tidy Towns in any future work.

The meeting was informed that research had been done on behalf of the historical Society into the restoration of the clock at the porter house. A company in Lurgan had quoted a price of £1000 . This was for a good quality clock with black face, roman numerals and gold lettering.

Other listed buildings in the town were also considered.

Mrs Mahons – Again this property is protected under section 57. The heritage officer visited her. We understand that members of Mrs Mahons family are prepared to assist in carrying out the work.

The meeting discussed vacant premises in the town.

A number of vacant buildings were identified as needing attention. The meeting was informed that in Longford Tus worker were employed painting vacant buildings in the town.

The meeting was informed that three Tus workers were allocated to this area and they were employed in the maintenance of green areas in the new estates and other public areas. They worked 19 hours a week and they did not have the time to take on work on vacant buildings.

A member asked – could the work be carried out by the Tidy Towns if materials and paint was supplied.

This was not ruled out but issues such and insurance and health and safety training would have to be considered

The meeting decided that the Tidy Towns should meet with the owner of buildings needing attention to seek common ground in addressing the issues.

It was decided that a copy of the adjudicators report should be given the owners of all business premises in the town.

Public lighting

Chairman –Informed the meeting that the council surveyed the public lighting in the town and that all the lamps would be replaced with LED bulbs.

Underground cabling –Ballymahon Rd

Chairman – reported the ESB and Longford County Council were finalising arrangements to carry out the work . All the paperwork had been completed. The tidy towns would in course receive a portion of money from this project for their contribution to the work.

Chairman recommended that we should coalesce with other groups and put forward a plan to put in underground cabling throughout the town.

It would important to get working on it as LCRL is finishing up the end of 2013.

He expected that the group would need to raise 20000 euro.

The meeting – endorsed the plan and was reminded that unsightly cabling was an issue every year with tidy town adjudicators.

The meeting was asked if the current work on the foot path will remove the wide kerbing outside the Mostrim Arms.

Chairman – yes its accepted that there is no further need for the extended kerbing , especially since the bus stop was moved out of main st. the decision to move it is to some extent dependent on funds = there is a 99% chance that it will go during these works or in the near future.

Details of financial position were referred to by Treasurer Harry Reynolds.

The group received over 12000 from LCRL after the purchase of lawnmower. We now have 16900 euro today – 16000 euro was burrowed from for the purchase of the lawnmower. Therefore we have about 900 euro in the account.

Chairman – Put on record the assistance we obtained from the Community Centre , and thanked them for their loyalty and support.

Chairman – Informed the meeting that there were a number of outstanding bills

Those bill totalled to approximately 500 euro.

Planted Areas

Suggestion that Alan Garvey of the Adult Learning Centre should be asked to plan low growing roses in planter boxes around the town signs on the approach to town.

It was suggested that roses should be tried on the new planters on Granard Rd/ Ballymahon Road and Ballinalee road.

Resident Associations

The meeting was informed that the adjudicator’s report this year stated that Tidy Towns should facilitate the setting up of residents associations and work with them in the new estates.

Chairman – recommended to set up a special meeting with people from the estates to establish resident’s associations. The meeting agreed to this action.

The meeting was told that the tus worker were doing great work. The residents in the new estates appreciated the improvements made to the estates. However it was accepted at the meeting that proper residents associations were needed to be actively involved in managing the estates.


The meeting agreed that their was evidence that person unknown were depositing household refuse in litter bins in the town. Bins were over flowing as a result and bird were picking at them and scattering refuse.

It was proposed that we follow Abbeyshrule’s lead and remove the bins from around the town. There was a debate about this.

It was pointed out that some bins were not used at all – for instance one near supersams.

It was stated that bins are needed as we had a chippers, which created a lot of rubbish. and abbeyshruel did not have any.

Chairman – That he had got agreement from the council to remove some bins and divisions will be placed on the opening of the remainder where needed. After this work is done bins could be monitored

He also stated that two new bins to be installed at bus stop.

The meeting felt that there was need for a bin in the vicinity of the railway station .

The chairman agreed to raise this with the relevant authority.

Bus Stop

The condition of the bus stop signs was highlighted in the tidy towns report.

Chairman –Stated that he had sought new signs and a bus shelter will be put in place at the stops – traders have to be considered when locating the stop- and a shelter would give the option to locate the stop away from the front of business premises.

Tus Workers

The meeting applauded the great work done by the Tus workers on the backs yesterday and today. The chairman put on record his thanks to the Tus workers, PJ, Alex and Raymond for the great work they had done during the year. He regretted that they could not be kept on , but the terms of the scheme would not allow it. He felt it was a pity to lose them particularly PJ Kelly, . He informed the meeting that three new Tus worker would take up in November. He also hoped to get a forth worker this year.

Wall at St Christopher’s

It was felt that the wall at the St Christopher’s (Convent) would need to be cleaned up.

Chairman – They had designated a wild life garden to the front of St Christopher’s . This was good news, The chairman undertook to approach Pauric Dorkin with a view to having work done on the wall


The meeting was Informed that the recent tractor run had raised a considerable sum of money which was divided between two charitable organisations.

It suggested that the organisers would be asked to consider the Tidy Towns in one of their forthcoming tractor runs.

Hugh Quinn attended the meeting as rep of Edgeworthstown Christmas lights committee.

He informed the meeting that the Christmas calendar was a great idea- easy to sell and people looked for it.

The issue was that some people commented that the planner was not big enough.

Chairman -Informed the meeting that we printed 1000 calendar last year and they were sold at 3 euro each . not all the calendars were sold however it was very successful and he recommended we produce one this year.

John McGirr – Talked about the lay out- he had done the two different lay outs of the calendar which he had emailed to a number of members , one of the options put forward was a two sided calendars-but consideration would have to be given to the cost.

John outlined the technical issue which he would have to overcome if the planner was to be increased .

Some members held the view that people liked to have space to write on.

John McGirr – stated that it was difficult to facilitate this as it was an A3 size . He also said picture of on the calendar would have to be a reasonable size otherwise you can’t make them out.

Decision taken that John to send email to McGinn printers with layout of two sided calendar and enquire the about cost. Meeting will be held to discuss calendar at a later date.

It was proposed that we should look into printing a set of Christmas card for sale to raise funds- John had a sketch of the town dated around the 1800 which would look very good on the card.

C/man Asked if we would take business away from local stationary shops.

It was agreed that to look into the effect it would on the shops.

Decision taken to ask the printer the cost of printing a pack of five cars with a simple greeting.

Chairman – Suggested a sponsored walk or sponsored Cycle or 5K run to raise funds. There was a good running club in Longford and we could expect to get a lot of support.

Hanging Baskets.

Meeting agreed that the hanging baskets should be taken down’.

Other matters.

Informed the meeting that the Sunday morning litter was a good success and we would take a break at the end of October.

C/Man Informed the meeting that he would talk to Noreen McLoughlin about designing and erecting an information sign for the wildlife areas.

Meeting told that we had lost marks due to the old Mart premises.

The meeting was asked if the semi buried cables at the back of St Marys could be fixed up so that we could go ahead and plant the area.

Chairman – informed the meeting that the site had not been taken in charge to date and that had to take place before the council would repair the cables.

Chairman -recommended to the meeting that next year we would take on 5 or 6 projects and work on them.

As it was we had enough planted areas and the upkeep of same would require a lot of time

The meeting was asked about cleaning the paths and set that out as a project. A section of pathway had been done and it came up very well.

It was stated that there was a preparation which caused 30 euro a gallon which is used to clean concrete surfaces.

Chairman – Reminded that the Gathering would take place 1st week end in July next year and it was a chance to promote the town.

Meeting Closed 10.30pm

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