Joint effort

In the last few days Edgeworthstown Tidy Towns and Edgeworthstown Heritage and Historical Group have joined forces to get a few projects up and running in the town. It’s part of the requirement for your Tidy Town submission to highlight local heritage so it was a logical decision for the two groups to join up. The Edgeworthstown Heritage and Historical Group produced two wonderful books of history about the Parish in recent years. O’Theach go teach – the first book featured histories of every house in the parish going back to the 1901 census, as well as the histories of town organisations and recollections fro some parishioners. It also featured some 800 photos. The second book – Myths and Memories – featured surveys of the local cemeteries, some items about local people, a history of Farming and several hundred photos.  A number of different projects have been proposed and the joint committees are going to look at each one as a viable option. When a decision is made which ones we go with the details will be posted here.

Painting of Edgewothstown – early 1800’s

Drawing of sheep-shearers at work by Charlotte Edgeworth

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