2012 results

Well the Tidy Town results are out. The big news is, of course, the fact that Abbeyshrule, a village in County Longford, was chosen as overall winner for 2012. It’s a picturesque spot and fair dues to the community for all their efforts. As a volunteer who has been involved in my own area it’s easy to appreciate the effort that is required and commitment that is demanded. Well done Abbeyshrule.

As for our own modest efforts, well we picked up extra points on last year which we can be proud of. The fact that we only got four points more than 2011 however just highlights the work that still needs to be done. In an earlier post I spoke about the fact that the transforming of the town was more important than the competition but the competition is a useful gauge to measure how far you have come and the fact is, despite the effort, we still have a distance to travel. It would be nice to think that this score. combined with Abbeyshrule’s win and Longford towns high rank in the Irish Business Against Litter League, might spur on more people to get involved locally or to at least stop dumping household waste in public bins. Too much to ask?

To read the judges summary of our town please visit the following link. (Note: you will need a PDF reader in order the view the document)

Once again congratulations to Abbeyshrule on their win.

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