Summer Clean

The weather hasn’t been great recently and it has a major role to play in what work we can get done. So far this year we have been lucky, escaping the worst of it. Recent projects has seen us clean and paint up a a newly erected wall(erected to replace a battered hoarding that was screening a derelict site). We have also painted and cleaned a hoarding, also screening a derelict site, we have continued our regular and seemingly never ending litter pick-ups, got boxes built around town signs and filled them with soil. These will be planted and will add a nice touch. We were donated some bog oak by the Mostrim Gun Club and are using it for decorative purposes and today, the ninth of June, we cleaned along pavements and walls on the major roads leading into the town – a street-sweeping machine will be in the area next week to complete this task. The number of volunteers remains steady but it would be nice to see some new faces – certainly some of the projects we have undertaken were made easier by those who did turn up but we could have also got more done as well. We may not always be lucky with the weather.

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