Spring Clean

On March 10th a group of volunteers gathered together to do a Parish clean-up. More than twenty people got involved in the operation, walking along main roads and gathering up what rubbish they found. It would be nice to report that there was very little to be found but the sad reality is that there was ,almost literally, a ton of the stuff. Along the roadsides, in ditches, fields and hedges, in every vacant lot, behind walls, everywhere. Not only did we find a vast selection of bottles, cans, paper cups, crisp bags, sweet papers, condoms, cigarette butts and plastic we found a computer keyboard, an electric heater , a gas cylinder, a ball peen hammer, a leather jacket, a kid’s car seat, a child’s push chair, hubcaps and road signs. On one stretch we found eight or ten black bags full of rubbish, carefully placed in a ditch, invisible from the road and inaccessible behind a bard-wire fence.

We found an amazing amount of stuff in just a few hours, we could probably find just as much if we were to go out next week. While it is depressing to think you’re never going to get ahead of it it’s still good to see there are some willing to spend the time trying to make our town and parish look more presentable. The Committee would like to thank those who did come out on the day and hopefully we will get as many or more the next day we head out. Below are photos from the clean-up showing some of the rubbish collected and the illegal dumping that we found.

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