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A New Year

…and a look back at the old. The group had a meeting on Monday 30th January to do a review of the year gone by and to preview the year ahead.

Attendance –Tom Victory (A. Chairman). Tom Dooley(Sec) Harry Reynolds(Tres), Beatrice Patterson,Laurence Patterson,Monica Coyle, Majella Coyle,John McGirr, Eamon Carty,Patrick Gogan, Brian Smith,
Tom Victory opened the meeting.
           He apologised for Billy Flynn, Consultant who was unable to attend. He expected that he would be in attendance at the next meeting.
            He updated the meeting on current projects.
                    (1)-Underground cabling and erection of  Overhead Ornamental Lamp Standards on the Ballymahon Road at the  Green.
                          This programme is grant funded to 75% by LCR . The ESB will complete the project. The are awaiting our contribution before they finish their element of the project.  The association had the funds and would soon issue a cheque to cover same.
            Tom also spoke about the substantial number of projects completed during the year and complemented the effort made
            by  members of the Tidy Towns.
                            (1)  Painting of Railings / Post/ Seating at junction of Granard Rd and at Curio Corner.
                            (2)  Painting and landscaping at the Green.
                            (3)  Painting of hoarding on vacant site at Main Street and the Backs
                            (4)  Painting at the cemetery.
                            (5)  Four new landscape areas on the outskirts of the town.
                            (6)  Weed control and sweeping in the town.
            Tom referred to the three year plan which was launched at an event in the Green last year.  The plan was prepared  by Billy Flynn, consultant . Mr Flynn will update the association on the 2012 element of the plan at the next meeting.
            He also thanked Noreen McLoughlin , MSc , Environmental Consultant for her comprehensive Biodiversity Audit and Management Plan 2011.   Its hoped that the association will implement elements of the plan during this year.
                        The 2011 results of the Tidy Towns Competition were reviewed at the meeting . A number of issues were identified for attention.
                                (1)    Old Fire Station door
                                (2)    Landscaping around Edgeworthstown signs on
approach roads.
                                (3)    Grass cutting in the estates.
                                (4)    Graffiti
                                (5)    Non uniform litter bins
                                (6)    Verges on approach roads.
        Tom announced that LCC had made a grant of 500 euro towards control of Graffiti and a further grant of 300 euro would be made available for erection of Bat and Bird Boxes. Noreen McLoughlin would be consulted on the latter.
        Then the meeting proposed and discussed projects for 2012.
        Brian Smith pointed out that preliminary work had been carried out on painting the concrete hoarding on main street.  He had spoken to Joe Doyle , painter and got advice . The meeting decided that they would paint the hoarding during the year.
        The meeting agreed to hold a spring clean in March this year. We hoped to canvas support from local people on the surrounding roads to do the work on their roads. Advance notice would be given and arrangements would be made with
        LCC to pick up the  bags of collected litter.
        Other projects discussed were.
        (A)     Replace rails on planter pots in town and planter pots damage in RTA.
        (B)     Obtain cost for attachments to secure hanging baskets – Brian Smith.
        (C)     Clean up (power hose) area around curio corner.
        (D)     Flower bed maintenance programme.
        (E)      Obtain wood and large boulders to enhance planted areas- Eamon Carty to check on Bog Oak near his house.
                  Patrick Gogan to check out boulders,
        (F)      Erect window boxes on premises which are currently vacant.
Meeting agreed to set up two Sunday morning litter teams. Each team to work alternative months.
The teams are – Team A  ~   Tom Dooley/ Harry Reynolds/Eamon Carty/ John Coyle.
                            Team B ~    Brian Smith /Patrick Gogan / Majella Coyle/ Helen Coyle.
Team A to commence on 5/2/12.
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