The race is over…

..and we didn’t win!!  However I don’t think you can look at it that way. Sure there are lots of negatives to be found if that’s what you’re looking for but I’d prefer to dwell on the positive aspects. We brightened up our town with some landscaping, painting and general tidy-ups. There is a greater awareness that this in ‘OUR’ town and if we don’t make the effort no-one else will. It may sometimes seem like a losing battle but imagine what it would be like if everyone just quit. So who cares if we’re not on the tv or the front of the papers, fiar play to those towns that are, but we can be justly proud of the effort we put in and we can build on this for the coming years. If our only incentive is to win then we’re going to lose interest very quickly, but if our incentive is to improve a little every year then you have something to build on. [To see the full report you can go to the link on the right- you will need a PDF reader to view the file] So here’s to next year!

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