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Like so many other towns and parishes spread across the country, Mostrim does not feature prominently in histories of earlier times. We can say that a St. Beatan founded a church in the area in the 6th Century.  This allows us to make certain deductions about the locality. The building of a church signifies a population large enough to build and worship in that church. Since transport in those times was by foot or horse, it’s likely that the people who worshipped in this church lived nearby and this, in turn, suggests that there was a thriving community here at least 1500 years ago.
We know very little of the town’s history for the next several centuries. According to research done by Mr. Ned Jeffers (RIP, a local historian) an abbey was built in the parish about 1210 on lands owned by one Thomas Russell. The next most significant event in the history of the locality occurred in 1619 when King James the First granted lands to Francis Edgeworth. This family and its descendants were to be a feature of parish life for the next four hundred years. The most famous member of the family was the novelist Maria and her influence attracts visitors to this town from as far away as Japan, Australia and the United States.


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